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Podlahove studio Jegla - Radim Jegla

Jegla floor studio supplies a wide range of quality materials, flooring for the implementation or renovation of your floor. Come and visit our flooring in Babice and choose the right floor for your house or apartment.

We provide complete flooring work in the locality Uherske Hradiste, Uhersky Brod, Zlin, Kromeriz. We come to focus everything and propose a budget.

We provide professional installation and sale of PVC, carpets, floating and vinyl floors, flooring. With us you have a guarantee for all work performed.

At the store our trained staff will advise you what floor to choose, which material is suitable for easy maintenance, or what flooring is modern and trendy.

Vinyl floors:
 - our customers' most desirable floors

 - offers wood or stone imitations
 - are highly resistant to stress and strain, so they fit into all areas of the home or office as well as other commercial premises
 - Resistant to moisture, wear and tear, not loud
 - suitable for underfloor heating
 - we supply brands - THERMOFIX, GEFLOR, DESIGNLine, MODULEO, RIGID.

PVC floors:
 - Available in different designs such as wood, stone, cork or tiles
 - imitation plank floors and rustic tiles are the most popular

Laminate flooring:
 - these are the highest quality floors and are very attractive to customers
 - are highly scratch-resistant
 - are popular for easy maintenance and affordability

Wooden floors:
 - are unique to those who like the natural natural appearance of wood
 - We produce them from 3 layers - bearing layer, structural layer and stepping veneer
 - We offer stepping veneers in a wealth of classic and exotic woods
 - the floor is already oiled and lacquered before installation
 - brands BEFAG PARKETT, MAGNUM Parquet.

Natural linoleum:
 - it is linoleum made of natural materials - linseed oil with resin and wood flour, limestone and pigments
 - We produce marmoleum in all colors with marble pattern.

 - we offer either residential or stress
Home carpets - we offer a range of types of carpets, both natural and man-made fibers, in various colors, with print and in different design and pattern, luxury carpets.

Heavy duty carpets - designed for offices or hotels, wear-resistant carpets with high demands on practicality.

Accessories for floor coverings:
  - skirting boards
  - transition and termination profiles
  - floor mats and wheelchairs.

Floor center, flooring, flooring:
-We will provide advice, focus, free quote
- assessment of the surface of a new or refurbished floor - we emphasize strength, smoothness and above all evenness of the surface
-When reconstructing the floor we assess equality, strength, joints, expansion, cracks ...
-We will measure the substrate moisture
- In case of unevenness, sand the concrete surface of the floor, including leveling the base
-supply, installation of floor coverings, floor coverings
-professional laying, laying floors, flooring
- floor leveling
- laying carpets including sewing.

Sale, assembly:
- carpets measured and lump of all kinds
- cleaning zones
-PVC coverings
- bathroom lightweight coverings
-the mats
- laminate and wooden floating floors
-insulating and underlay material under floating floors
-floor and floor cork
- blankets of different materials, sheets, sheets
- floor care products
- services in the field of cleaning, care, remediation and renovation of Dr. brand floors. Schutz.

Professional consultation and advice is individual to each customer.

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Babice 38
Babice 687 03
+420 774 831 124

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