Ing. Habrovanska Michaela

Autovrak Zlín carries out ecological disposal of vehicles, car wrecks. It will ensure the removal of wrecks and purchase of old cars, liquidation of the wreck and issue a report on the disposal of the car.
We are also selling used car parts - spare parts for all types of cars.

We have clients mainly in the Zlín Region - Zlín, Uherské Hradiště, Uherský Brod.

If the investment to repair the car before the next technical inspection is higher than the price of the car itself, it is advisable to discard the car.
Try to call us, we will set the price for your old car and we will refund it in cash. We will then carry out ecological disposal of the car in our country.

We'll get anywhere for your old car.
Ecological disposal of car wrecks throughout the Czech Republic:

Purchase, liquidation:
 - car wrecks - old immobile vehicles
 - damaged, demolished car.

We provide:
 - towing a car wreck, damaged car
 - reimbursement of the amount of the old wagon
 - ecological disposal
 - issuing documents to the authorities.

 - used car parts.

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Bohuslavice u Zlina 266 (areal cerpaci stanice)
Bohuslavice u Zlina 763 51
+420 720 662 662

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