CORNiCO Company, s.r.o.

Do you want to rent machines for hot dog, nachos, waffles, popcorn, cotton candy, crushed ice or coffee? CORNiCO Company, Ltd. based in Hranice will provide you with everything - not only selling, but also renting and servicing special machines for the production of entertaining snacks.

Special machines not only for operators of entertainment events.

Sale, e-shop, rental, service of special machines for:
- popcorn (carts, cartridges, containers, corn and other raw materials)
- cotton candy
- hot dog
- potato coils
- waffles, pancakes, pancakes
- roasted chestnuts
- ice cream (cones, toppings)
- crushed ice (cups, straws, spoons, syrups)
- chilled drinks, hot drinks, coffee
- manufacture of frozen creams
- nachos (Mexico program - crisps, sauces, heaters).

In our e-shop you will find everything you need from special machines, through packaging for drinks to raw materials for production, including fairground sweets and attractions.

Gastro stands and equipment
- deep fryers, contact grills, gas or electric gyros, grill plates, frying plates, pizza ovens and more.

Sale and rental of special machines is designed not only for cinemas, multiplex cinemas, sports stadiums, arenas, hotels, restaurants and cafes, zoos, circuses, but also for consumers who like to treat themselves to sweet or salty delicacies.

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