ABRAZO s.r.o.

Na Laznich 620, Blucina 664 56

  • sale of sweets, baked cakes, unbaked desserts, ice-cream sundaes, knickerbocker glory, diabetic sweets, coffee specialties, decaffeinated coffee, hot beverages
  • solarium tanning, solar cosmetics sale, spraying tanning, vertical and horizontal tanning beds, solarium season tickets
  • children pools, recreational pools, swimming pools, refreshment stands, water attractions for children
  • exercise machines, fitness equipment and treadmills, physical activities, dance classes, pilates lessons, Zumba lessons, aerobics and yoga, exercising for mothers, piloxing exercise, crossfit workout
  • tennis and squash rackets, sports clothing and accessories, racket stringing, gymnasiums and courts, facilities for sport
  • massaging with hot lava stones, relaxing massages, fitness exercise, sport rehabilitation, physiotherapy

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