Studio zdravi LADA
Ludmila Dvorakova

Jatecni 13/99, Prerov 750 02
Lada Přerov Health Studio will take care of your health and appearance, we provide advice on a healthy lifestyle. Alternative medicine individually solves your problems.

We will perform instrument diagnostics in our studio. We provide lymphomassage, presotherapy, cavitation, wraps, medical massage.

We will be happy to advise you. We also organize various seminars and discussions.

Argan Oil cosmetics and healthy herbal products are on sale - cell harmonizers and food supplements help to health and strengthen the body.
Herbal products support energy metabolism, body detoxification, fat loss, strengthen the body's defense, immune system, improve digestion, condition of bones, joints and teeth, regulate blood pressure, adjust menstrual cycle, get rid of chronic fatigue and stress, increase physical performance, sleep quality.

In our wide range of products everyone will find their own to regenerate the body.

Do you want to restart your body, look better or increase your fitness? Visit our counseling center at Jateční 13/99 in Přerov and discuss with our experts what is important for a healthy lifestyle.

Our services:
 - activation of the lymphatic system
 - stimulation of venous and lymphatic circulation
 - prevention of varicose veins
 - prevention of cellulite
 - relaxation.

 - classic hand massages - whole body, back, neck, upper and lower
 - manual lymphatic massage
 - Thai reflex foot massage
 - Korean method Su - jok
 - cupping - a method to eliminate pain in the spine and musculoskeletal system
 - special cosmetic Arosha bandages.

Kardivar Medical Device:
 - A 5-minute ECG record is processed and an examination with program processing is performed
 - we find out the health condition, functional tension and stress reaction of the organism under stress, psycho-emotional tension
 - evaluate the state of the nervous, hormonal, immune and cardiovascular systems.
 determination of body weight, proportion of body fat in
 - basal metabolic consumption, metabolic age
 - measurement of osteoporosis
 - pressure measurement.

Mary Staggs Detox:
- detoxification of the organism
- a modern, very efficient and simple way
- the cells are free of toxins
- rebalancing the energy field.

Herbal detoxification:
- Ancient Indian Ayurveda procedure
- relieves muscle tension
- removes cramps
- cleans the skin.

 - bioresonance computer examination.

Medical device diagnostics:
 - Arttest - energy diagnostics
 - measurement of organ energy levels.

 - light therapy.

Our services include individual exercises with a quality instructor.
In our studio we will provide you with a wide range of consulting services that will make your journey to health, beauty and satisfaction easier. We would also like to welcome you to our professional seminars where we invite experts from physicians, physiotherapists and alternative healers.

You can look forward to the following seminars:
 - in the fields of alternative medicine (geopathic zones, Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, reflex therapy)
 - recommendations of therapeutic products
 - development of individual regeneration programs for athletes.

  • cosmetic skin treatment, skin cleansing, face masks, skin diagnosis, decorative cosmetics, beauty salon
  • massage services, rehabilitation services, physiotherapy services, care of locomotor system, rehabilitation after injuries, massage aids

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