AM-Metal, s.r.o.

Blanenska 10/53, areal TOS, budova c. 14, Kurim 664 34
The company AM-Metal, s.r.o. has been working in the field of sheet metal processing since 2010. Thanks to our qualified staff we are able to offer our customers a wide range of services in the field of engineering industry. We provide complete sheet metal processing by CNC and NC technology, sheet metal bending, cutting and punching sheet metal, sheet metal cutting, metalworking and welding (MIG / MAG). We are based in Kuřim on Blanenská 10/53.

Engineering production, metal production:
- Sheet metal processing by CNC and NC technologies
- areal division
- pressing
- bending of sheets on NC hydraulic press brakes
- cutting and punching of metal sheets
- welding, welding (MIG / MAG and TIG (WIG))
- locksmithery, locksmith
- locksmith production.

Our company is able to realize small-lot and large-lot production including all sub-deliveries and surface treatments.

Thanks to the use of the latest technology and expertise of all our employees, we do high quality work. Our goal is a satisfied customer.

  • manufacture of railings, bar installations, staircase building, locksmith production of structural units, manufacture of steel parts
  • cold metal forming, metal stampings, eccentric presses, punching and shearing, processing of metallurgical material
  • engineering production, machining and turning, milling of metal parts, automatic lathes, custom metalworking
  • thin sheet metal processing, laser cutting of sheet metal, wire cutting, metal grinding, concrete cutting
  • soldering and welding, stainless welding, firm welding, aluminium welding, gate and fence welding, welding school
  • engineering production, metal processing, steel structures, building metalworking, structures welding, metal machining

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