Aurum Clinic, s.r.o.
Esteticka plasticka chirurgie Praha 5

Zborovska 79/56, Praha 5 150 00

  • cosmetic services, beauty parlours, skin care, decorative cosmetics products, skin care creams, facial massages
  • medical facilities, medical services, preventive examinations, medical check-ups, medical examinations, sanatorium and clinic, non-state health facility
  • plastic surgeries, aesthetic medicine consultancy, breast adjustment, surgical liposuction, removal of moles and birthmarks, aesthetic clinic
  • massage services, rehabilitation services, physiotherapy services, care of locomotor system, rehabilitation after injuries, massage aids
  • services of specialized doctors, therapy and therapeutic sessions, preventive health checks, gynaecology and obstetrics
  • foot care, bath of feet, skin softening, nail treatment, cosmetic procedures of hands, nail polishing

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