C.O.B. slevarna s. r. o.


Průmyslové odlitky

Our family company Č.O.B. the foundry, with more than fifteen years of history, is located in Beňov in the district of Přerov. We are a universal foundry, which with its concept is focused primarily on the production of technologically demanding castings from all commonly cast metals and alloys with a direct emphasis on their quality and design. We are engaged in mechanical and artistic production. We have long-term cooperation with academic sculptors and designers. All castings are well patinated and surface treated against the weather. We usually cast from bronze and brass or, at the customer's request, we also produce castings from other materials according to European standards (ČSN, DIN, etc.), or we adjust the chemical composition of materials according to current requirements. We supply certificates of chemical composition for all materials.

- castings for industry
- artistic production of bronze and brass castings (State, municipal and city emblems, memorial and orientation plaques, statues, souvenirs, ...).
- foundry of non-ferrous metals and iron alloys.
- of non-ferrous metal alloys
- stainless steel
- of gray and ductile iron
- of bronze
- made of brass
- made of stainless steel
- of steel

With our distinctive approach to the craft, business partners and employees, we have long built on traditional values and standards of good behavior, which we project into all areas of our activities. Our office is located at Beňov 214, Beňov.