Milady Horakove 2760, Kladno 272 01
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  • floors of wood, wooden parquet blocks, solid wood flooring, veneer flooring, wooden floating floors, wooden stairs
  • flooring material, piece carpets, carpets sold by meter, fitted carpets, heavy-duty carpets, oriental carpets, shaggy carpets, carpet adjustment, carpet hemming
  • sales of apartment decorations, metal hangers, home stands, decorative tables, decorative home ceramics
  • video recorders, video converters, video accessories, audio loudspeakers, home cinema, sound amplifiers, audio accessories
  • digital cameras, digital reflex cameras, camera memory cards, camera power supply cables, camera tripods, camera lenses
  • computer sets, games and consoles, laptops and tablets, memory card readers, flash drives, keyboards and mouses
  • telephone exchange, VoIP gateways and routers, telephone apparatuses, VoIP phones, walkie-talkies and handheld transceivers, radio transmitters, wireless stations
  • PC components, copiers and printers, computers and scanners, computer software, telecommunication equipment, calculators and data banks
  • lifestyle magazines, magazines on housing, women's magazines, men's magazines, daily newspapers
  • children's toys, board games, toys for toddlers, parlour games, wooden toys, plush toys, children's construction kits, child's puzzles
  • bookshop offer, primary and secondary schools, language training, materials for secondary schools, maps and calendars
  • smoked meat products, sausage products, stewed ham, pig-slaughtering product range, minced meat, slaughter meat
  • carbonated nonalcoholic beverages, non-carbonated soft drinks, mineral water and juices, table water, baby water, lemonades for children
  • production of fresh baked goods, manufacture of long-life bakery products, production of Christmas cookies, pastries and confectionery, cakes to order
  • electronic equipment, white goods, hygiene articles, household equipment, musical instruments
  • rolling tobacco, smoking requisites, glow lighters, tobacco pipes, cigarette filters, classic cigarettes, flavoured cigarettes, flavored small cigars
  • ladies' blouses, denim trousers, silk shirts, round skirts, A-shaped skirts, summer dresses, winter anoraks, autumn coats, formal jackets, summer swimwear and bathing suit, summer skirts and shorts, short sleeve T-shirts, women's bras, underwear and underclothes and lingerie
  • men's walking footwear, children's walking shoes, seasonal shoes, sports shoes, formal footwear, all-leather shoes, home footwear
  • men's fashion, formal suits, coats and jackets, trousers and jeans, waistcoats, shirts and sweaters
  • pharmaceutical preparations, mixture of medicinal substances, curative properties, checking of medicines, human and animal health
  • medical aids and requisites, medical supplies, bandage and dressing material, forearm crutches, wheelchairs for the handicapped, lifting equipment for patients
  • glues for pvc floors, pvc flooring, vinyl floors, vinyl floor laying, pvc floor laying
  • sanitary agents, cleaning agents, disinfecting agents, washing agents, cleaning detergents, cosmetic preparations
  • wall-mounted clock, table clock, alarm clock, wrist watch, digital watch
  • children jackets, children shirts, children underwear, children sets, children overalls, baby clothes
  • microscopes, magnifying glasses, monoculars, photographic optics, dioptric glasses, contact lenses production
  • sales and distribution of petrol, diesel, natural gas, antifreeze to diesel
  • sales of all fossil fuels, distribution of black coal, brown coal, coal briquettes, coke
  • white goods, espresso and coffee makers, boilers and water heaters, cookers and extractor hoods, vacuum cleaners and cleaners
  • clocks and watches, brilliant earrings, golden rings, chains and pendants, silver accessories
  • coupling material, nails and screws, bolts and nuts, hardware and ironmongery, wall plugs and washers
  • agricultural products, citrus fruits, root vegetables, fruit pulp, healthy food

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