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An expert in the field of sales, processing and delivery of plastics is Elventa LV, s.r.o. based in Velký Týnec near Olomouc. So if you are looking for the most suitable material for the production of illuminated signs, displays, pergolas, shelter or noise barriers, then you can choose from a wide assortment of polypropylene, polycarbonate, pvc foil or pmma extruded or cast acrylic (plexi). We will always recommend the appropriate material and help you find the solution for your implementation.

Sale, supply and processing of plastics for:
Signmaking and design
- here you can choose from a wide range of products for glazing, production of illuminated or printed advertising, packaging, stand or display.

PMMA XT - Extruded acrylate (plexiglass)
PMMA Cast Acrylic Cast (Plexiglass)
- PMMA boards have good optical properties with a bright shiny surface - they have good mechanical properties and excellent transparency. They are UV and weather resistant. Interesting is also their favorable price.

PMMA Cast Argena - ideal for finishing design applications
- unique look and interesting metallic effect
- ideal for creative and design concepts in interior applications

- PS-Polystyrene for maximum use in the interior (for glazing, frame or shower panels)
- Hips-tough polystyrene (used in vacuum forming and screen printing)
- Pet-Polyester (extreme impact resistance even at low temperatures)
- PVC foam, hard PVC
- PVC foil, PP foil
- PP tubes
- AL sandwich, AL profiles for frames and filler
- PMMA tubes and rods
- adhesives.

Architecture and construction
- material for use on canopies, pergolas, facade cladding, skylights, bulkheads, railings, protective or acoustic walls

PCD polycarbonate tubes
- are used in the construction industry for the installation of skylights, pergolas, greenhouses or shelters
- they also have a place in advertising, industry or lighting systems.

- PC polycarbonate (they are unbreakable and can be used indoors and outdoors)
- SAN styrene acrylonitrile
- PE playtec (for the production of toys and obstacles to leisure activities)
- DC composite design

- technical plastics for the technical and engineering sectors, often used as a substitute for steel and other metals

- PET blend (for automotive and food industries)
- PE polyethylene, PE polypropylene
- welding wires

We are able to transport all the material to its destination and, thanks to the large-format saw, we also provide the material cut to the dimensions you need.

We also provide the following services according to the customer's wish and agreement:
- laser beam cutting
- milling, bending
- thermoforming
- printing of board materials.

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