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Family company Ing. Jan Hering is engaged in the production and sale of Ekowood firelighters, which have a great advantage in a long burning time, as well as wood wool and wood wool ropes. Wood wool is a purely natural product. We make it by planing blocks of soft wood without the addition of any chemistry. This wool is most commonly used as a packaging for fragile goods such as glass, porcelain or musical instruments. However, it is also used in construction or mining activities.

Production, sale, export:
- Ekowood wood wool lighters
- organic production
- long burning time
- suitable for lighting a fireplace, stove or burning a grill
- 24pcs in a box, 50pcs in a paper bag and 200pcs in a paper box.

Production, sale:

Wood wool:
- natural product
- thickness from 0, 1 mm to 0, 3 mm, width 2 to 15 mm according to needs and application
- is used as packaging material for packaging fragile goods, glass, porcelain, wine or as bedding for animals. It is also used in construction, agriculture and special types also for animal preparation.

For planing we use spruce, pine, birch, linden or alder wood.

Wood wool ropes:
- made by twisting wood wool to different diameters
- use as packing material in stonework or for building materials
- the main use production of firelighters
- standard roll dimensions, diameter approx. 50cm and height also 50cm
- Typical rope thickness is 25mm, 20 and 30mm thick.

- national
- International.

We are a family company with a long tradition. If you are interested in our products, do not hesitate to contact us. Our headquarters are in the village Dřísy and the production plant can be found in the village Čestice. We will look forward to future cooperation.

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