ELSO Orlova
Ing. Karel Szewieczek

Slezska 152, Orlova - Lutyne 735 14

  • electric material trade, cables and light fittings, switches and sockets, frequency converters, overvoltage protection
  • demolition works, crane works, steel structure demolitions, work with heavy mechanisation
  • heat pump assembly, solar panel designing, floor heating implementation, boiler replacement
  • wooden furniture making, tailor-made bedrooms, massive wood furniture, furniture manufacture to order, sales of wooden cabinets
  • water piping installation, water connections, water distribution and sewer system, installation of water meters, installation of water taps
  • manufacture of railings, bar installations, staircase building, locksmith production of structural units, manufacture of steel parts
  • building construction, water pipelines, sewer connections, gas pipelines and sewerage, construction activity, transport communications
  • thermal insulation of house, roof repair, attic replacement, thermal insulation of building cladding, insulation of windowsills, window ledges replacement, replacement of railings, reconstruction of flats, restoration of houses, rehabilitation of plinths, substitution of lightning conductors, replacement of windows and doors
  • examination beds, screens, infusion stands, phonendoscopes, examination mirrors, disinfecting agents
  • bathroom unit adjustment, bathroom reconstruction and renovation, bathtub replacement, replacement of shower enclosure, replacement of bathroom tiles

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