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  • car and motorcycle camping, accommodation cottages, sanitary facilities, swimming and fishing options, recreational sports offer

  • sports services, recreational services, sports lessons, sports trainers services, sports equipment rentals, sports accessories sale

  • accommodation and events for companies, facilities for training and accommodation, congresses and workshops with accommodation, corporate presentations and courses, convention centre, corporate parties

  • accommodation services, rooms and suites, hotel service, boarding in hotels

  • hot and cold hospitality, receptions and banquets, corporate events, holding parties, private celebrations

Our agency HAUL, Ing. Marek Hanuš, specializes in children's recreation for more than 24 years. We offer stays for schools - school trips, school trips, adaptation courses, we organize children's camps. We run 4 recreation centers, where they can also spend their holidays families with children, companies offer the possibility of teambulding or corporate events.

Recreation centers (buildings, 4-bed huts, some larger)
- RS Máj in West Bohemia
- RS Dawn in the Highlands
- RS Lubenec in the Karlovy Vary region
We operate these centers seasonally.

Recreation center, building, year-round accommodation:
- RS Hůrky Palkovice in the Beskydy.

In all areas you will find quality services, home cooking, cozy accommodation, sports!

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