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The company from the Czech Republic, the European Union Member State.

Our company provides all for automatic transmissions. We pay attention mainly to quality of work, speed and customer satisfaction. We specialize in repairs of automatic, manual and variator transmissions and that all including replacement of oil filling in automatic transmissions.

We also carry out rebuilding of hydrodynamic and electromagnetic torque converters with modern automated machines.

We operate an e-shop of spare parts where you can easily find the right parts for needs of your automatic transmission at great prices.

We provide repairs of transmissions:
- Automatic, manual and variator transmissions for all makes and types of pasenger cars, utility vehicles and vans, all agricultural machinery and buses from the EU, USA or Japan
- Repairing of transmissions and differential gears of railroad vehicles are our novelty
- We have experience also with repairing of racing transmissions for world champions
- We detect defects with up-to-date diagnostics, advanced machinery and technology
- We manage repairs within 5 working days
- We also specialize in variator transmissions (ECVT, CVT)
- Repairs of ZF units of trucks and utility vehicles of MAN, DAF, IVECO, SCANIA, TEDOM, BOVA, TATRA, AVIA, RENAULT, IRISBUS-KAROSA, SOR makes
- We provide all spare parts and transmission fluids.

We repair these types of automatic transmissions:
- Hydraulic transmissions
- Hydraulic transmissions with electronic control
- Electronically controlled automatic transmissions that is tiptronic
- Variator transmissions - CTX, CVT, ECVT
- Mechanical transmission with two DSG clutches or with electro-hydraulic control

Rebuilding of all types of hydrodynamic and electromagnetic torque converters for passenger cars and vans:
- We use up-to-date and computer-controlled automated machines for quality and fast repairs that are carried our by our experts with many years of experience in this field
- We carry out a complete inspection of these converters using a vulcanizing furnace for glueing of discs of bridging converter clutch and a welding machine
- In the end, we carry out converter final balancing with a balancing machine that balance the converter without using screws, dry or with liquid
- Do not wait, we manage repairs within 2-4 working days
- In our on-line catalogue, we offer spare parts for hydrodynamic torque converter reconditioning.

Sale, e-shop of spare parts - www.kaps-parts.com at best prices in the whole Europe:
- Here you can find all spare parts for automatic transmissions for cars, lorries, utility vehicles, vans, agricultural machinery, buses and other special vehicles
- You can order gear oils and transmission fluids of ZF, Petro Canada, Mobil, Shell brands for mechanical and sequential gearboxes
- Sets of gaskets, plates, new and used distributors
- Searching in the eshop is according to transmission type, vehicle make, kits, soft parts or distributor
- We have more than 5000 spare parts with descriptions and technical drawing here
- We provide discounts up to 40% on parts checked by our specialists
- We offer also inspected parts for transmissions of ZF manufacturer at unbeatable prices
- Make your order at www.kaps-parts.com or sales@kaps.cz
- Will be delivered within 24 hours.

Replacement of oil cartridges and filters while you wait:
- Ordering is possible online at www.kaps.cz.

We offer cleaning, washing of vehicle interiors at super prices:
- Interior cleaning for free or price reduction up to 20% for KAPS customers

Interior CZK 290 each:
- Vacuum cleaning
- Treatment and cleaning of plastics
- Dry cleaning of carpets.

Exterior CZK 430 each:
- Vehicle washing
- Window polishing
- Tire rubber.

  • complete service of car repair shop, repairs of cars, repairs of trucks, replacement of car parts
  • special bodywork extensions, truck sales, aluminium tilted implements, trailers
  • commercial vehicles, utility box vehicles, five-door utility vehicles, company cars
  • spare parts for passenger cars, repurchase of car parts, windshield replacement, parts for transmissions, motor oil sales

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