Jirina Macanovicova

Bohuslava Martinu 1213/7, Most 434 01

  • round plastic rods, hollow plastic rods, plastic sheets and boards, flat plastic rods, plastic films, moulded and injected plastics
  • sales of industrial chemicals, pool chemistry, chemical detergents, chemical solvents
  • hairdressing utensils, hair preparations, drugstore goods, cleaners and detergents, cosmetic products
  • dealing with surface treatments, construction chemicals, chemical product range, synthetic and epoxy paints
  • chemical substances, swimming pool chemicals, inorganic and organic preparations, volumetric solutions, testing strips
  • anhydrous fermentative alcohol, fatty acid methyl esters, mixed diesel oil, vegetable oil, modified biogas
  • oxygen and nitrogen, gaseous mixtures, carbon dioxide, liquid hydrogen, acetylene and helium, rare gases
  • slowly soluble fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides, fertilizer in tablets, plant growth stimulants

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