JONAP - vyroba obuvi s.r.o.

Paseka 329, Paseka 783 97
The company JONAP - výroba obuvi s.r.o. specializes in the production of children's women's shoes. At the company's e-shop you will find summer, winter, walking and home shoes in the Barefoot and Exlusive shoes categories. The shoes are not harmful to health and do not cause deformation or other damage to children's feet.

Our children's shoes are duly certified by the state testing laboratory ITC Zlín. We produce everything in the Czech Republic from quality and tested materials.

We specialize in the production of children's shoes:
- home - slippers
- leather - walking

We also have shoes for the little ones, so-called slippers.

We distinguish shoes according to the following types:
- Classic - summer, winter, walking
- Barefoot
- Exclusive shoes
- Snowman

In our e-shop you will also find products suitable for the care of footwear, such as impregnating agents, deodorant for footwear and insoles.

  • ladies´ winter boots, ladies´ evening shoes, gentlemen´s leather boots, gentlemen´s sandals, girls´ shoes, boys´ shoes

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