Přeprava nebezpečných nákladů v režimu ADR

JONAS SPEED Ltd. is a company from the Czech Republic, the Member State of the European Union, which focuses on international road transport and specializes mainly in Italy and Switzerland. We deliver shipments with maximum efficiency and in required time limit. We also carry out transport of dangerous cargoes in ADR regime inland and to other European or non-European countries.

We provide these services in international road transport:
- Transport of goods to Switzerland and back
- Pick-up lines from the Czech Republic to Switzerland and back
- Complete import and export customs clearance in the Czech Republic and in Switzerland
- Express haulage and transport of piece consignments and full truck loads
- Foreign transport within the European Union and outside it (Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, the Balkan Peninsula)
- Transport of oversized cargoes
- Shipment monitoring and tracking via GPS
- Transport of goods with given transport temperature THERMO 0+ (box vans equipped with cargo space heating)
- Logistics and storage (storage and reloading of shipments).

Our further activity is transportation of dangerous loads in ADR regime when a driver is a holder of the certificate of training in ADR regime. We take for granted mandatory equipment of all our vehicles which is required for transporting of hazardous materials.

Our fleet includes:
- Vans up to 3.5 tons
- Lorries / trucks up to 7.5 tons and also above 7.5 tons.

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