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vchodové dveře

ALBO is a company from the Czech Republic, member state of the European Union. We are a manufacturer of wooden EURO windows and entrance doors of the highest quality. Our wood production is focused not only on wooden and aluminum-clad wooden windows and doors, but also on winter gardens or sectional garage doors with high quality of design and workmanship. Our wide range of windows and doors is available not only in the Prerov district, but also throughout the whole Czech Republic and SLovakia, including export abroad.

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Manufacture, wood production, custom production and sale:
Quality wooden EURO windows
- in construction depth of 68, 78 and 92 mm
- double and triple insulating glass with warm edges
- filled with argon gas
- model ranges of EURO windows IV68 Styl, IV78 Trend, IV78 Trend 3+, IV92 Strong3+
- warranty on wooden EURO windows is 5 to 6 years

Aluminum clad wooden windows
- exterior side jacketed by an aluminum cladding (maintenance-free aluminum)
- interior side jacketed by natural wood
- optimum heat insulating properties
- solar wooden and aluminum-clad wooden windows (intelligent solar wooden, aluminum-clad wooden windows with an insulating triple glass)

Wood-carbon windows (EURO windows)
- window type in an asymmetrical design, with the use of modified thermowood
- wooden EURO windows made of CORYNTHIAN, a special sandwich material
- ecological and maintenance-free windows with long service life

Our window production also includes:
- windows and EURO windows for historical objects (frame and rustic wooden EURO windows)
- historical windows for reconstructions of protected historical buildings
- French sliding or folding windows.

Quality wooden doors
- entrance doors (excellent heat insulating properties, wide design variability, model range Family, Estetic, Mins and Easy)
- interior doors (we produce revolving, sliding and glass doors)
- interior doors made from solid wood
- balcony doors
- veneered doors
- automatic entrance doors
- French sliding and folding doors.

Exterior wooden floors
- terraces made from exotic woods (Bangkirai and Teak)
- terrace parts and floor reducers.

Aluminum-clad wooden glazed facades
- aluminum cladding on the exterior side, available in any colour shade
- wooden glued stable prism on the interior side, with a four-layer surface finish
- possibility of inserting openable windows or doors into the facade
- wooden winter gardens.

Sliding glass walls
- for instance for accessing a terrace with a possibility of moving aside the large door leaf
- suitable also for barrier-free housing
- comfortable and easy operation
- you can choose from single-leaf, double-leaf - moveable or multi-leaf walls.

Sectional wooden garage doors
- doors for one or two cars
- easy operation, simple and elegant
- we produce the following sectional garage doors (cassette, cassette with decorative milling, with horizontal or slanting boards, smooth)
- up and over or openable garage doors.

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