Josef Barton

Zdarky 1, Zdarky 549 37
Business of entity has been temporarily interrupted.

  • farm animal breeding, environmental hen breeding, breeding stations for pigs, dairy cow breeding
  • organisation of charged hunts, game sales, game catching, hunting trophy preservation
  • growing crops, agricultural activity, food products, raw materials of vegetable origin, arable farming
  • crop production and arable farming, barley caryopses, oat kernels, rice grains, corn cobs, straw bales, fodder crop
  • sweet edible fruit, vitamins and minerals, healthy diet, tropical and subtropical fruits, fruit of temperate zone
  • rubber tree, Gutta-percha tree, Achiote and saffron, pesticidal plants, plants producing elastomers, plants giving waxes, plants containing dyes
  • vegetable production, root vegetables, onion vegetables, leaf vegetables, husk vegetables, fruit vegetables
  • reproduction procuring, sperm taking, freezing of insemination doses, natural breeding, animal insemination
  • goods of vegetable or animal origin, other crops, supplementary agricultural commodities
  • breeding of domestic animals, dogs with pedigree cards, cats with pedigree, sale of purebred puppies, purebred kittens sale
  • production of plant seeds, production and distribution of cereals, hay and straw pressing, pasture mulching, corn silos
  • ride in saddle, race horse, equestrian disciplines, terrain rides, show jumping, horse stabling
  • seed reproduction, crop plant seedlings, plant growing, seeds for sowing, vegetative propagation of plants

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