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Sale of PET bottle press - ECOPRESS.

- Garden, gardening tools
- Manual lawn mowers, grass cutters
- Pressing tools (implements)
- Metal components.
Engineering production.
Metal fabrication:
- Large-capacity pressing, metal forming
- Metal working, metal cutting, metals
- Powder coating method
- Sand blasting
- Grinding
- Welding, welding work.
- Large-lot assembly for consumer industry.
- Garden, gardening tools
- Lawnmowers:
- Spindle, manual, electric, battery ones.
Handle tools:
- Garden rakes, grass rakes, plastic leaf rakes, leaf broom, cultivator, heart-shaped hoe, square hoe, beet and weed hoe with steel blade, weeder with steel blade, scraper, one-sided and double-sided lawn aerator, verticutator with wheels, wooden toll handles.
Small hand tools:
- Hoe, wire rake, aerator, joint-cleaner, weed spud, shovel, dibble, extending handle.
Tools for children:
- Shovel, spade, hoe, broom, rake, aerator.

Large-lot engineering production, metal fabrication:
- Cold metal pressing and forming, automatic press lines, hydraulic and eccentric presses
- Welding of mouldings on semi-automatic machines and robots, welding shop, MIG/MAG welding method, welding work
- Grinding, grinding shop, round and surface grinders, grinding work
- Powder coating, fully automatic paint shop
- assembly and completion of products on semi-automated and automated assembly lines, special single-purpose assembly lines
- Production of pressing tools
- Development, production automation of production processes.


PET bottle press from STEELTEC has a huge potential

PET bottle press from STEELTEC has a huge potential
Metal consumer goods are everywhere around us. These can be various sorts of tools, such as hoes, reapers, mowers, rakes, tillers, components for tractor assembly or to be used differently in engineering industry. All these products get to the customers through shops – which is, however, not where ...
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