GALMAT zinkovani s.r.o.

Kopana 1820, Frenstat pod Radhostem 744 01
The main activity of GALMAT zinkování s.r.o. is bulk and curtain galvanizing and surface treatment of metals, blue and yellow chromating, thick-layer passivation without Cr6. We operate in Frenštát and Rožnov.

We galvanize from one piece!

Zinc plant - surface treatment of metals:
- our workplace has manual handling, thanks to which we perform
also galvanizing of atypical parts and small production series, which is not economical to galvanize on automatic lines with conveyors.

Hanging galvanizing
- parts up to approx. 250 x 800 x 1200 mm
- maximum weight of 1 piece up to 30 kg
- the standard layer of zinc is 8 - 12 micro (according to the agreement and the customer's wishes, the thickness of the layer can be other)
- during finishing, we perform blue or yellow chrome plating, or with a layer of varnish, which also increases the corrosion resistance.

Mass galvanizing
- small parts (moldings, castings, connecting material, workpieces up to a maximum weight of one piece 0.25 kg)
- finish is blue or yellow chromate.

Dewatering of spring steel parts to prevent cracking after surface treatment.

Blue chromating
- Used for applications that are less corrosive and where more appearance matters
- does not contain dangerous hexavalent chromium.

Yellow chromating
- has several times higher corrosion resistance
- contains hexavalent chromium.

We use alkaline galvanizing technology, including blue and yellow chromate from the company ATOTECH CZ - a top manufacturer of galvanic baths and one of the guarantees of high quality of our services.

Thick layer passivation
- does not contain hexavalent chromium
- is applied to the zinc coating to increase corrosion resistance.

We also perform pickling and dezincification, but also the removal of old paint and other impurities from parts.

Our main advantage is short delivery times and above all high quality.

  • metal jet blasting, metal varnishing, metallization of metals, hot metal plating, application of coating systems, electroplating of jointing material

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