DVJ-ponozky s.r.o.

  • women's lingerie, men's underwear, children's underclothes, women's bras, ladies' knickers and panties, women's thongs, men's boxer shorts, mens' briefs, nightwear and nightclothes

  • sports jackets, quality sweatshirts, sport t-shirts, unisex trousers, functional wear, bike cloaks, gloves

The DVJ Jiří Honeš company has been focusing on the production and sale of quality socks from various materials since 1991. In our wholesale you can choose not only women's, men's and children's socks, but also winter, sports or functional socks for everyday wear. We operate in the field of production and sale of socks not only throughout the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia.

Production, wholesale, distribution and sale:
- sock goods, socks
- children's socks (size from 16 to 23)
- men's and women's socks (thin - summer, coarse - winter, with or without pattern, classic)
- sports socks (terry, patterned and one color)
- winter terry socks with Norwegian patterns
- socks made of different materials (100% cotton, cotton + elastic fiber, etc.)
- socks with company logo (custom production)
- functional socks (COOLMAX)
- thermo, thermo socks.

Certificate for knitting functional socks.
Antibacterial socks (Siltex material).

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