Lespra, s.r.o.

Stribrska 119, Cernosin 349 58

  • horses and cattle, pigs and poultry, sheep and goats, meat and skin processing, animal breeding
  • horse breeding, horse training, horse riding, equitation equipment, horse riding saddles and bridles, riding aids, riding clothes
  • capture of forest animals, forest animal shooting, hunting organization
  • sweet edible fruit, vitamins and minerals, healthy diet, tropical and subtropical fruits, fruit of temperate zone
  • red peppers, yellow peppers, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, iceberg lettuces, cucumbers and potatoes, sweet potatoes, red radishes, root vegetables
  • selective breeding services, artificial insemination of animals, stallion semen collection, other animal farming
  • root plant growing, production of genetically valuable seeds, seed production control
  • adjustment of agricultural land, crop farming, wood chipping, grain grinding, seed production, crop sowing, land spading, soil aeration
  • beef and pork, chicken meat, sheeps cheeses, dairy products, fiber crops, energy crops, medical plant and herbs
  • growing of plants providing elastomers, plants producing tannin, plants containing natural pigments
  • dog breeding stations, british cat breeding stations, pedigree dog breeding, small mammal breeding stations
  • growing crops, agricultural activity, food products, raw materials of vegetable origin, arable farming
  • growing crops, crop production, agricultural commodities, food wheat, malting barley, fodder millet

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