Zahradni 5194, Chomutov 430 04
Audiovisual, sound work.
Radio production.

Publishing. Publishing activity.
Publishing activity:
- low-cost prints - distributed to schools as well.

- awareness and information activities.
Installation, creation:
- online training modules - e-learning.

Editorial activity.
Photographic services.
Advertising services.

  • video recorders, video converters, video accessories, audio loudspeakers, home cinema, sound amplifiers, audio accessories
  • portrait photos, passport photos, group pictures, wedding photographies, taking photographs of children, school photography, photographic sets, photograph making, film development
  • software development, computer equipment, software products, information system, web applications, websites
  • Internet advertising, advertising in print media, television and radio advertising, advertising strategy, media plan creation, evaluation of advertising campaigns
  • publishing service, print service, sales of professional literature, book distribution, non-periodic publications

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