Pavel Miksik

Jiraskovo namesti 13, Kolin 280 02
The company Pavel Mikšík offers comprehensive solutions in the field of insulation and remediation of wet masonry. We provide chemical masonry grouting, remediation and insulation. We also provide consulting services in this field. We operate throughout the Czech Republic.

Jobs, services:
- remediation and insulation of damp masonry
- chemical injection
- consulting services.

- microsilicone cream
- a solution based on silansiloxane
- gel
- for resin reinforcement.

Rehabilitation of damp masonry:
- remedial plasters
- chemical injection screens
- vertical insulation based on bituminous screeds
- surface grouting.

If you want to permanently solve the problem with damp masonry, contact an expert in the field, Pavel Mikšík, Kolín.

  • exploring of damp objects, calculation of damp building constructions, masonry drying, masonry rehabilitation, remediation material

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