Petr Kalus

Halenkov 70, Halenkov 756 03
Stonemasonry Petr Kalus performs all stonemasonry work in the interior and exterior as well as the complete cemetery architecture. Our stonemasonry specializes in natural granite, but according to the customer's wishes we are able to supply our products from other materials as well. We make tombstones and kitchen worktops from natural stone.

Cemetery work:
- complete production of monuments
- repair and reconstruction of existing monuments
- cutting of inscriptions, including surface treatment
- sandblasting
- granite frames, cover plates, pedestals, monuments, columns
- all shaped monuments according to the customer's wishes
- grinding of old terrazzo parts
- concrete foundations
- sale of all monument accessories.

Interior work:
- kitchen worktops
- window sills
- tiles.

Exterior work:
- paving
- tiles
- benches
- solitaires for the garden
- stairs
- fireplaces
- fountains
- statues.

Restoration work:
- stone repairs - statuettes, statues, small sculptures, stone reliefs, coats of arms, emblems, stone parts of architecture
- wood repairs - picture frames, statuettes, small sculptures, relief parts of furniture
- repairs of plaster, artificial stone, ceramics and porcelain
- cleaning - chemical and mechanical.

Our goal is to offer customers quality products and services. Thanks to years of experience in the field, we guarantee the precision of the work performed. You can find us at Halenkov 70.

  • period furniture renewal, furniture repairs, stone statue renewal, renewal of works of art
  • natural stone working, urn headstones, decorative items, garden architecture, stone masonry

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