Uher Lubomir

Sychrov 56, Vsetin 755 01
Telephone: +420 571 415 758

HARMONIE DESIGN focuses on the sale of floating, wooden and vinyl floors, PVC, carpets, doors and mattresses, which you can view in our sample store, where we will always be happy to advise you on the selection of a suitable material and propose the optimal solution for you. Our services also include flooring work, including orientation and calculation. Thanks to us, your apartment or house will be a cozy and pleasant place for happy living.

Quality flooring work:
- professional evaluation of the floor condition
- help with choosing a suitable material
- solution design and floor orientation (orders)
- ensuring non-binding price calculation
- laying, installation and implementation of floors and floor coverings
- provision of turnkey service related to professional installation and assembly by our staff.

Sample shop and sale:
PVC and vinyl floors.
- suitable for underfloor heating
- Large selection of colors, hardnesses and widths
- their advantage is easy maintenance, they are waterproof and above all highly resistant to wear
- parquet floors

Floating floors:
- laminate, wood, vinyl
- Choose from a wide selection of designs and believable wood imitations

- Choice of different types, colors, prints and designs
- we focus on the sale of piece rugs and carpets in rolls

- interior doors and door frames of various designs
- entrance or entrance doors (with basic fire and security modification)
- security doors meeting strict European standards
- fire-fighting
- sliding
- lamellar
- security frames and fittings

Door fittings and accessories:
- door fittings, stops and door frames
- handles, peepholes
- mortise locks
- cylindrical inserts
- ventilation grilles, thresholds
- construction cases (for sliding door insertion).

You can also choose from many interior accessories and accessories:
- floor or skirting boards, which are used for decorative and clean finishing of the transition between the floor and the wall (wooden, plastic, rubber or noble metal - you can choose in different decors and color variants)
- transition strips replacing the sill in wood imitation
- cornices (wooden, metal, double, ceiling rails, blinds, pleats)
- wallpapers, electroformed wall murals (non-woven, vinyl and paper)
- quality Czech mattresses (medical) - production of atypical shapes of custom mattresses
- lamella grates
- anatomical pillows.

Sales of assembly chemicals and preparations for floor care:
- assembly adhesives
- acrylic and parquet sealants or silicones
- penetration on floors, leveling compounds and adhesives
- stain removers
- preparations for cleaning laminates, PVC and elastic floors
- preparations for surface treatment of floors.

Reg. No.: 60329980
VAT No.: CZ6204170313
District: Vsetin
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: entrepreneur with trade license
Employees: up to 5 employees
Turnover: less then 185 thousand €
Contact person: Lubomír Uher

+420 571 415 758
+420 608 832 999

+420 571 415 758



Contact persons:
Lubomir Uher
tel: +420 608 832 999

Lukas Navratil
tel: +420 775 557 124

Working time:
Po-Pa 8.00-18.00 So 9.00-12.00

GPS: 49°20′21.37″ N, 18°0′5.69″ E

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