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The company OKENTĚS, spol. s r.o. deals with the online sale of sealing elements for windows, gate doors and barrier-free entrances. In the assortment you will find silicone, lining, window, door and self-adhesive seals. In addition to seals, you will also find fittings, foams, sealants, adhesives, dowels and other products. The quality of our products is verified by renowned Czech and foreign testing laboratories.

Gaskets and sealing elements:
- sealing profiles into the groove
- non-stick sealing profiles
- self-adhesive seal
- sealing flexible brushes
- door sealing strips
- automatic fall thresholds
- facade silicone tapes.

Installation of windows:
- illbruck system
- expansion tapes illmod
- window foils
- system for suspended installation of windows
- sealing the joint of facade structures
- Purenite - insulation of thermal bridges
- accessories.

Self-adhesive, non-adhesive tapes:
- one-sided adhesive
- double-sided adhesive
- spacers
non - adhesive tapes and tapes.

Construction chemicals, adhesives:
- PUR foams, silicones, PU sealants
- one-component, two-component sealants
- adhesives for carpenters
- chemical anchors
- hydrophobicizing preparations
- pool chemicals
- technical sprays
- moisture and odor absorbers.

Door locks:
- mortise locks
- cylindrical inserts
- door closers
- safety fittings.

- on doors, windows
- hidden hinges,
- hinges for casement frames.

Connecting and anchoring material:
- Dowels
- steel anchors
- screws and bolts
- anchor plates
- glazing pads
- repair and connecting elements for wood
- accessories for the installation of cladding frames.

Floor material:
- transition rails and profiles
- base and insulation strips
- adhesives for floorers.

Tools and instruments:
- cordless tools
- power tools
- tools
- accessories.

Packaging material:
- wrapping foil
- protective profiles
- tarpaulins
- bags and sacks
- strappers and binding tapes.

Protective equipment:
- ear plugs
- work gloves
- glasses
- respirators.

Fire program:
- tapes
- PUR foams and sealants
- cuffs.

Construction profiles and accessories:
- window cleaning profiles
- ventilation grilles
- FINPROTECT children's finger protection
- protective profiles.

Thanks to the high demand, we have also introduced spray adhesives in the StarStuk and TensorGrip canisters, aluminum multilayer repair laminated Venture Tape tapes for cold weather.

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You will find our other branches in Brno, Prague and for Slovak customers also in Žilina. We look forward to your visit.

  • hand tools, electric tools, cordless tools, workshop tools, DIY tools, air pneumatic tools
  • penetration coatings, water-repellent impregnation coatings, additives for mortars, concrete admixtures, biocidal protection, surface active agents
  • locksmith production, safety latches, cylindrical inserts, hasps and chains, kinds of locks, door fittings
  • work clothes and gloves, protective helmets, goggles and masks, safety shoes
  • window mountings, door hardware, anchor plates, wing joints, window spacers, frame locks, window screws, metal door handles
  • boxes of plastic, jars and bottles, wrapping films, food packagings, cups and dishes, plastic bags
  • sales of machine parts, nuts and bolts, dowels, threaded inserts, lug bolts, connecting anchors
  • coupling material, nails and screws, bolts and nuts, hardware and ironmongery, wall plugs and washers
  • rubber products, sealing compounds, technical rubber, rubber sealing elements, heating and plumbing gaskets

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