Sabero CZ s.r.o.

Velke Kunraticke 1426/28, Praha 4 - Kunratice 148 00
Our company based in the capital city of Prague providing construction, plastering and plastering work. We focus primarily on the implementation of machine gypsum and core plaster, cast floors and insulation systems. We carry out our activities, for example, in family and apartment houses, non-residential buildings, in the implementation of rough constructions and others.

  • sound insulation, heat insulation, roof insulation, insulation of terraces, insulation of substructures, insulation of swimming pools, insulation against chemicals
  • floor laying, floor grinding, renovation of parquet floors, floor waxing, laying of carpets, carpet removall
  • demolition of foundations, construction of brick walls, wall plastering, reconstruction of sanitary units, demolition work

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