Schuzka 7.13, s.r.o.

Tovarni 127/3, Dolni Kounice 664 64

  • real estate sale, real estate renting, legal aid mediation, lease contract drawing up, sales agreement drawing up, securing of real estate purchase financing
  • food supplements, dia sweets, diabetic sweeteners, dia teas, vitamins and nutritional products, dietary food
  • prepared meals, ready meals, ready-to-cook meals, packaged dishes, instant soups, instant main courses, frozen oven-ready foods
  • coffee beans, ground coffee, decaffeinated coffee, coffee substitutes, fruit teas, green tea, black tea, herbal teas, loose tea, tea bags, gift teas
  • loose spices, liquid spices, loose flavourings, liquid flavourings, prepared broths, meat bouillons, vegetable stocks, dried mushrooms, seasoning sauces, single spices, spice mixtures
  • frozen meat, frozen fish, deep frozen vegetable mixes, frozen half-products, frozen fruit, ice cream and ice lollies
  • fruit juices, mineral waters, carbonated drinks, crushed ice, soft drinks and juices, syrups and multivitamins
  • common wheat breads, fine breads, doughnut products, salted pastry, wheat bread, cereal bread
  • food products, mill products, sugar refinery products, animal and vegetable fats
  • breeding equipment, dry dog food, feed mixtures, animal nutrition
  • sweets and desserts, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, tea biscuits, corpuses, toppings
  • fresh milk, butter and butter products, cheese and whey, sweet cream, sour cream, cottage cheese
  • direct import of fruit, exotic fruit, potatoes, salads, season vegetables, herbs, dry fruit
  • jasmine rice, long-grain rice, dry lentils, dry beans, dry peas, eggless pasta, italian pasta
  • smoked meat products, sausage products, stewed ham, pig-slaughtering product range, minced meat, slaughter meat

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