Kovar Martin - Zamecnictvi

Hutisko-Solanec 462, Hutisko-Solanec 756 62

Reg. No.: 65134443
VAT No.: CZ7306235871
District: Vsetin
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: entrepreneur with trade license
Employees: 6 - 25 employees
Turnover: unspecified
Contact person: Martin Kovář

  • manufacture of railings, bar installations, staircase building, locksmith production of structural units, manufacture of steel parts
  • metal grinding, tool grinding, metal polishing, belt sander grinding, grinding with abrasive discs
  • metal material turning, metal turning, metal grinding, aluminium milling, aluminium shaping, cnc machining
  • cutting work, material cutting, precision cutting, manual metal cutting, construction drilling, modification of shapes, water jet cutting, concrete core boring
  • welding of aluminium and steel, weld strength, welding services, TIG and MAG methods, CO2 welding, plastic welding
  • gastronomic equipment, hot air ovens, convection ovens and cookers, stainless steel equipment, catering facilities equipment
  • grinding machines, screening machines, peeling machines, scouring machines, peel removers, extrusion equipment, sorting machines, machinery for food industry

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