Eltom, s.r.o.

Company Eltom s.r.o. focuses on electrical work in the field of LV and MV voltage. We are engaged in the construction and maintenance of public lighting equipment, perform electrical inspections and earthworks, including temporary and definitive surface treatments. We operate mainly in the districts of Ostrava, Karviná, Frýdek Místek, Opava and Nový Jičín.

Electrical engineer work:
- complex electrical work, electrical installations
- project preparation of buildings, complex realization of buildings, electrical revisions
- supply and installation of outdoor transformers 22/0, 4 kV, outdoor 22/0, 4 kV
- supply and installation of overhead lines up to 22 kV, LV including house connections
- supply and installation of LV low-voltage cable lines including house connections
- PPN - assembly and maintenance work on LV and HV electrical equipment.

Construction and maintenance, repair, servicing of public lighting equipment:
- construction of new overhead and ground cable lines
- overhaul of public lighting
- troubleshooting - faults in the distribution system, fault identification
- repair by replacement of spent resources
- ballast repair
- lubrication of moving parts
- protection of luminaires
- tightening of joints
- cleaning the lamp covers
- adjustment of switches.

Ground works including temporary and final surface treatment:
- complex earthwork
- extrusions up to 160 mm diameter
- sand bed, concrete foundation, gravel-sand, gravel-sand, concrete
- surface treatment with coated gravel, asphalt, grass
- laying of curbs, laying of concrete tiles, paving from blocks, interlocking paving
- small buildings.

Production, installation:
- low voltage switchboards, batteries, cables, wires, electronic devices.

Other work:
- work using platforms
- trimming branches in the line, felling trees.

We are holders of ISO 9001: 2001, 9001: 14001.

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