Centromat s.r.o.

  • work with waste, waste storage, waste handling and management, rubbish dump operation, waste collection yard running

  • waste recycling, waste management, waste disposal, sorting of plastics, paper sorting, metal separation, separation of white and coloured glass, collection of batteries

  • scrap repurchase, scrap collection, environment-friendly disposal of wrecks, metal scrap reprocessing, waste processing and disposal

  • metal mining, non-ferrous metal processing, raw iron, iron and carbon alloys, non-ferrous metals

Firma Centromat s.r.o. in Ostrava provides comprehensive services in the field of waste disposal. We purchase, collection and processing of metal waste, scrap metal and scrap metal. We own modern collection technology and special material treatment machines.

Purchase and processing of scrap metal and scrap metal:
- scrap metal, scrap metal
- scrap iron
- wholesale scrap metal
- invoice, payment on time
- cashless purchase of scrap
- free delivery of container
- transport of material, removal of scrap metal
- destruction of iron structures and complex structures
- services - transport of materials by own trucks, including loading.

We also provide rail transport, and we have:
- 2 sidings,
- bridge weights.

Freight transport by road using weights.

We have sufficient capacity to store all scrap metal and can process large amounts of scrap metal.

- Ostrava-Kunčičky, Lihovarská 685 / 42a, tel .: 774149037, Mr. Hružík
- Ostrava-Slezská, Na Najmanské, tel .: 607922637 Mr. Průdek
- Havířov-Šumbark, U závor, tel .: 730151855, Mr. Šoltes

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Lihovarska 685/42a
Ostrava - Kuncicky 718 00

+420 606 771 168

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