Viking Masek, a.s.

Prumyslova 1747, Vlasim 258 01
Telephone: +420 317 850 500

-Manufacture of motor and trailer vehicles and bodies
-Mediation of trade and services
-Wholesale and retail trade
-Storage, packaging of goods, cargo handling and technical activities in transport
-Accommodation services
-Rental and lending of movables
-Advisory and consulting activities, elaboration of professional studies and assessments
-Preparation and elaboration of technical designs, graphic and drawing work
-Research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences or social sciences
-Advertising, marketing, media representation
-Manufacture, trade and services nec
-Manufacture of metal structures and metal products
-Surface treatment and welding of metals and other materials
-Manufacture of machinery and equipment
-Manufacture of electronic components, electrical equipment and manufacture and repair of electrical machinery, apparatus and electronic equipment operating at low voltage
-Real estate activities, property management and maintenance
-Design of electrical equipment
-Services in the field of administrative administration and services of organizational and economic nature
Manufacture, installation, repair of electrical machinery and apparatus, electronic and telecommunications equipment

Reg. No.: 24249629
VAT No.: CZ24249629
District: Benesov
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: joint-stock company
Employees: 101 - 500 employees
Turnover: 370 thousand - 1 851 thousand €

+420 317 850 500

+420 317 843 926



GPS: 49°42′11.09″ N, 14°53′38.19″ E

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