Mgr. Radim Sochorek

Professional translator and translator since 1995
Interpreting, translations, research, transcription and translation of texts in curent and fracture
Working languages: Czech, German, Dutch.

Interpreting in the Moravian-Silesian region and on business trips at home and abroad:
 - language combination Czech & lt; German
 - informative interpreting
 - consecutive interpreting
 - simultaneous interpreting
 - telephone interpreting - telephone conference interpreting.
List of interpreted events:
 - festivals
 - conferences
 - business meeting
 - deliberations
 - Workshops
 - presentation
 - lectures
 - seminars
 - telephone conferences
 - press conferences
 - general meetings
 - trade fairs
 - exhibitions
 - meetings of company bodies.

 - quality according to quality standard DIN 2345 (Translation orders)
Working languages:
 - Czech (mother tongue)
 - German (translations into German according to new spelling)
 - Dutch (Dutch / Flemish).
Language combinations:
 - German Czech
 - Czech German
 - Dutch Czech
 - Dutch German.

Value-added services:
 - foreign searches: searching information in foreign-language sources
 - transcription and translation of texts in German Neo-Gothic script: handwritten kurent, printed fracture and švabach - transcription of old texts into Latin and translation into Czech - service not only for genealogists.

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Mgr. Radim Sochorek


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