Vladimir Jarusek

The company of Vladimír Jarůšek from Mikulov focuses on labeling services. The company has labeling machines, bottle labeling machines, but also bottle filling machines and a modern filling line for bottling wine or beer.

In addition to filling and labeling, we also focus on servicing and repairing Krones, Gernep or labeling machines, but also other brands and manufacturers. We can also repair glue pumps (glue pumps) and we also perform chrome plating, rubberizing and grinding of glue rolls.

In our wide assortment you will find:

- machines for the food and beverage industry and breweries
- machines for filling, group packing, sealing and adjusting (labeling)

We supply format parts labelers. Use when changing bottle and label size. These are replaceable accessories for bottle labeling machines.
(Krones Universela, Robusta, Passmatik, Rotina; Aker Variant, Roland; Gernep Labetta; M. E. B; C&G and others)

We produce some spare parts (stars, worms, cushions, pallets, pallet bars, label containers, various drive shafts) or new and older plate and belt conveyors.

Sales and service of used machines for labeling and marking of bottles and packaging (Feifer Holice packing machine).

Filling machines (filling lines) for liquids and small semi-automatic machines, which also include wine, beer, and all beverage bottle fillers.

You can get new or remanufactured labeling machines for wet gluing or for self-adhesive labels (labeling machine, labeling machines).

Servicing of beverage and food processing machines: repairs, refurbishment, reconstruction.

Delivery, import:

- food and beverage machines

Other activities include:

- supplies of brushes, brushes for all types of labeling machines
- pumps for fluids of all types and capacities
- inkjet manipulators (for printing)
- machine locksmithing
- processing of stainless material

Contact us if you need:

technical assistance, consultation and consultancy in the processing of projects and projects for food, beverage, brewing, pharmaceutical, dairy industry, distilleries, soda factories, food and liquid processors, viticulture, beverage technology.

We purchase old used machinery: labeling machines, closing machines, fillers, packing machines, conveyors, food processing machinery, etc.
Supplies: Mikulov, okr. Břeclav, South Moravia, Czech Republic.

We also provide service and assembly for all the above mentioned production.
We are a company with a professional approach to the matter and we are not afraid to get into a job that we always do well and to the satisfaction of the customer.

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Vladimir Jarusek


Wolkerova 720/20
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+420 519 510 652

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