INTOZA s.r.o.

Company INTOZA s.r.o. has long been involved in the construction of passive houses with low operating costs. It provides customers with comprehensive realization and revitalization of buildings in order to reduce the costs of heating, insulation, cooling, water heating and lighting, ventilation units. INTOZA sro operates within its activities. as a training center on energy savings and renewable energy.

Construction activity:
 - new turnkey construction
 - construction of passive, low-energy houses
 - revitalization and construction of apartment houses - reconstruction of brick, panel, apartment buildings
- reconstruction of balconies and roofs, apartment buildings and interiors including sanitary equipment and central heating
- construction and reconstruction of family houses, including insulation - houses with high comfort and low heating costs
- reconstruction and revitalization of public buildings, office buildings and commercial buildings
 reconstruction of school and municipal facilities, administrative and
   public buildings
- installation of DUPLEX air-conditioning system, which cools in summer and warms in winter - excels in minimal noise, high heat recovery efficiency and low energy consumption.

We realize:
- ventilation units - forced ventilation with heat recovery (heat recovery)
- apartment buildings
- buildings for public space and business
- passive houses
- family houses.

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