Dunaj - Ostrava CZ s.r.o.

Company Dunaj - Ostrava CZ s.r.o. specializes in the production, retail and wholesale and distribution of potatoes and vegetables. Vegetables and potatoes in our country undergo treatment according to the requirements of our customers and so we supply, for example, boiled, peeled and vacuum potatoes and other semi-finished products. Purified vegetables and other products are mainly used for gastronomic facilities such as restaurants, canteens, hospitals. We provide distribution in addition to Ostrava and other cities in the Moravian-Silesian Region, in Slovakia, around Brno and in the Olomouc Region, where our head office is located.

Sales of bagged potatoes:
- cooking types A, B, C
- big bag
- seedlings.

Prepared potatoes, raw or boiled, which are vacuum-packed:
- peeled
- marbles
- American
- slices
- Thursdays
- cubes.

Retail and wholesale of vegetables:
- onions
- carrot
- parsley
- celery
- beetroot
- white and red cabbage
- cabbage.

We also prepare vegetables for:
- cubes
- slices
- noodles.

Another option is gastro semi-finished products cooked or raw:
- vegetable noodles or sirloin cubes,
- cubes of vegetables for potato salad.

In addition to prepared vegetables, you can also order salad semi-products, whose selection is very wide.

We provide distribution services with the help of our own cars, which are of sufficient quality and guarantee the import of products from 1kg up to 24 tons in the shortest time to Slovakia and regions:
- Moravskoslezského
- Jihomoravského
- Olomoucký.

You can also visit us in our bistro, where we prepare a delicious menu for you every day. Lunch can also be combined with shopping, as the dining room itself is located next to our grocery store.

 - Litovel, Robin 329
 -tel: 585342107
 -email: litovel@dunajostrava.cz

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