Wood Cite, s.r.o.

Wood Cité, s.r.o.

  • wooden parquet flooring, solid oak boards, multilayer parquet flooring, castle parquet flooring, renovation and grinding of parquet, floor laying
  • fence systems, wooden fencing, installation of fences and gates, fence panels, entrance doors, joinery production
  • floorboards and boards, wooden building material, battens and planks, wooden cases, beams and squared timber
  • supply of paints, industrial anti-corrosion paints, wide range of painter accessories
  • sales of plant pellets, wood briquettes, wood fuel, bio fuels for transport
  • sales of all fossil fuels, distribution of black coal, brown coal, coal briquettes, coke
  • wooden semi-finished products for decoration, wooden components, wooden boards and boxes, wooden items, sawmill products, planks and squared timber

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