Wood Cite, s.r.o.
Velkoobchod drevarskych vyrobku

Wood Cité, s.r.o. is a significant producer and seller of wood products. from Uherské Hradiště-Zlín Region.

We will precisely handle orders for wooden floorboards, terraces, fences and wood facades.
For sale are enclosure acacia stakes, ornamental trunks Carapanauba, Quari quari and firewood - hard and soft wood briquettes, waste wood - digs, cuttings.
Newly in our assortment and outdoor acacia pots, which you can build according to your needs and endless flower beds.

The main activity is wholesale and retail sale of timber products, wood processing, production of wood products.

Import, import, wholesale and retail:
 - flooring - lining, flooring, facade
 - wooden terraces
 - Fences, fence boards for fence construction
 - balcony elements
 - tropical lumber - bangkirai, massaranduba, ipe, merbau, cumaru, tatajuba, badi
 - European lumber - spruce, European larch, thermowood pine
 - ornamental tribes of Carapanauba
 - hard and soft wood briquettes
 - eco-friendly firewood, cuttings
 - outcrops - cut bark from jatoba, acacia
 - paints.

Delivery, production from natural or surface treated wood:
 - terraces of wood
 - wooden pergolas
 - wooden facades
 - wood fences.

The company is FSC certified.

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Wood Cite, s.r.o.


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