Portaflex s.r.o.

The company Portaflex s.r.o. based in Ostrava focuses on the production and sale of lamella screens, installation of swinging and fast-winding doors, a large selection of polycarbonates and PVC plastics.

We are a purely Czech company, we have been operating on the market since 1997.

We supply curtains, gates, hinges and tailor-made salaries and provide free measurements directly at the customer. We have a large selection of colored and transparent plastics. In addition, we will take care of the disposal of old softened PVC free of charge. We perform all assembly 7 days a week.

Lamella screens and soft PVC can be purchased quickly and from the comfort of your home thanks to our e-shop.

Lamella screens, which serve as draft protection devices in doors, gates and passages, can be purchased from us in several types. We divide them into standard, colored, freezer screens and welding curtains.

Swing gates, for which we take care of professional installation, are used for small openings with easier operation. The door panel is made of softened transparent PVC, again in a clear, colored or grid design. The door construction is galvanized or stainless steel. They are characterized by simple handling and handling.

High-speed doors are suitable for places with frequent opening and closing. They prevent the permeability of dust, noise, drafts and other adverse effects on the work environment.

We produce softened PVC in several types, standard, freezer, smooth, ribbed (knurled), with a reinforcing grid, dark PVC with a UV filter for welding boxes. However, we also have the option of producing plastics with above-standard antibacterial or antistatic treatment.

We are also engaged in the production, assembly and sale of plastic dams and hinges, polycarbonates, travel equipment and rails, advertising foils, shelters, translucent boards and vertical blinds.



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