• specialized books, foreign language dictionaries, textbooks for secondary school students, student discounts, textbooks for primary schools, university textbooks, fiction literature, non-fiction literature, books on cooking, detective stories

  • coloured threads, cotton yarns of various colours, knitting needles, leather goods and leatherware, pearl buttons, wooden buttons, crochet hooks, spiral zippers, hand needles, sewing machine needles, knitting yarns

  • paper boxes, cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, cake boxes, paper gift boxes, removal boxes, boxes for food

  • cotton cleaning cloths, unwoven textiles for upholstery, special filtration fabrics, coated canvas

KARPJAK, based in Ostrava, specializes in bookbinding, leather and bag work. It strives to meet the requirements of clients from engineering production, but also custom production for individuals. It specializes in the production of protective bellows, tailoring of tarpaulins, gazebo roofs and shelters, as well as binding books and diploma theses. It also sells leather products, imitation leather and other materials such as bags and satchels.

Industrial sewing:
- tarpaulins - textile, foil, non-flammable, waterproof, water resistant
- Welding tarpaulin covers, heat resistant
- tarpaulins
- covers, covers for garden furniture, grills
- covers for garden swings, parasols
- spare cloth canopies and gazebos and swings
- swimming tarpaulins, trailers
- Hydraulic bellows, cuffs
- covers and covers for industrial machines and office equipment
- any other packaging, covers, covers, custom-made roofs.

- manufacture of bags and handbags, ladies handbags
- manufacture of leather products - diary covers, vouchers, file folders
- repair of backpacks, bags, bags, tents, motorcycle clothing of leather
- changing the closures of jackets.

- handmade of paper
- hand-bound books in original cover
- production of luxury gift boxes
- binding of books, photo albums, diploma, bachelor, dissertation, rigorous theses, magazines, collections of laws
- laminating
- copying
- mountings of paintings
- production of boxes - gift, luxury, archive, ordinary
- production of folders and folders - files with mechanic, cardboard, paper, cardboard
- production of ribs - book covers
- stamping on diaries, invitations and other promotional items
- laminating advertising stands to various types of cardboard
- laminating to A2 - up to 50 cm wide and any length
- gumming and various other bookbinding.

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