Specializovany velkoobchod barvy a laky

SILESIA COLOR is a specialized wholesale of paints in Ostrava. We operate within the Moravian-Silesian Region, mainly for the cities of Frýdek-Místek, Orlová, Karviná, Ostrava, Havířov, Bílovec, Vratimov, Příbor, Brušperk and others.
For regular customers or in case of larger purchases or by agreement we will provide you with a direct supply of companies, which means that we bring the ordered assortment of paints and varnishes to you.

Specialized wholesale - coating materials in a wide range, sale:

 - paints varnishes
 - glazes, wood oils
 - Sealants, thinners
 - colors for metal, wood, stone, concrete, walls
 - interior and exterior colors (interior, exterior)
 - facade, interior, decorative colors
 Industrial paint
 - brushes, emery
 - painting materials
 - painting aids (aids for painters)
 - facade paints
 - AKZO powder coatings
 - representation of COLORLAK, XYLADECOR, LUXOL brands,

Wall colors, facades, plasters:

 Paints for interior and exterior walls, for facades and plasters, for
   all use in houses, flats, offices,
   households, etc.

Paints for metal:

 - colors for roofs, eaves, fences, metal structures, columns,
   gutter downpipes.

Industrial paints:
 - coating systems for engineering companies, engineering,
   generally for industry, in stressed environments, in all
   corrosive environment,
 - paints for machines and machine parts, for metal structures,
   silos, for concrete plants

Garden maintenance colors:

 - all colors available in the garden - wood, metal,
   stone, concrete
 - paints, varnishes, glazes and oils for wood
 for pergolas, wooden buildings, gazebos, garden furniture, tables and chairs
   benches, railings, fences, parking for cars

Custom color mixing - RAL NCS, Eurotrend sampler:

 - mixing center
 - tinting of colors (tinting of interior and interior paintings)
   of facade colors, decorative plasters)
 - Synthetic glossy
 - Synthetic single layer semi-matt
 - shiny polyurethane
 - firing
 - water-soluble universal
 - interior plasterboard
 - interior washable
 - facade acrylic, silicone

Consulting services:

 - coating industry including application
 - design of surface treatment systems

Retail Store:

 - Drugstore, paint varnish, Frýdecká 166, Vratimov
 - Tel .: 737283588

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