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ukázky výroby ocelových trubek

ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Karviná a.s is a member of the ArcelorMittal Group in Ostrava - Karviná. We primarily focus on the manufacturing of tubing and hollow sections. We offer all types of sections from welded to galvanised, and from open to closed sections.

We are located in Czech Republic, a European Union (EU) member state. Our core business is the manufacturing and sales of longitudinally welded thin walled hollow steel sections and tubing and we conduct these processes in our two main manufacturing units:
- SBU Mechanical, which specialises in the manufacture of hollow welded sections and tubing. This unit also manufactures open sections and galvanised tubing.
- SBU Automotive manufactures precision calibrated and cold drawn tubes and sections for the automotive industry.

SBU Automotive products can be found in the doors, steering systems and other automotive components. We supply companies that manufacture components for the automotive industry and automakers themselves.

Our products include:

Thin walled steel sections:
- open
- closed - cold drawn, direct welded

Welded steel tubing:
- precision and calibrated
- smooth
- threaded - blackened, hot-dipped galvanised, painted
- suitable for cold bending.

All our products are high quality and we hold a number of certificates including:
- ISO 14001, ISO TS 16949.
- ISO 9001 quality management system certified by the Germany independent accreditation company TUV NORD.

Occupational health and safety for our employees is a company priority.

Factoids and notes about ArcelorMittal steel:

- Incorporated into the legendary Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf.
- Ghelamco Arena in Ghent is a mixed-use stadium. ArcelorMittal steel was used in the roof structure of this architecturally exceptional structure. It also found other use in the stadium floors.
- Our steel is chosen thanks to its high strength and low weight.
- ArcelorMittal Gijón delivered more than 750 tonnes of thick steel sheets for the construction of the pre-fabricated steel bridge connecting the new and old sections of Amsterdam.
- Unique Chicago skyscraper features ArcelorMittal steel sections.

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