ImuMed CZ, s.r.o

Vrablovec 385/32, Ludgerovice 747 14
Wholesale, warehouse, e-shop:
- medical supplies
- medical aids for hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, retirement homes, rehabilitation institutions, physiotherapists, rehabilitation surgeries, rehabilitation doctors, hospitals, senior centers, etc.
- kinesio tape
- kinesio tapes - woven cotton to improve muscle function, relieve pain, accelerate skin healing, reduce swelling
- diapers
- infusion sets
- catheters
- cannulas
- masks
- resuscitation sets
- coats
- veils
- wound dressings
- fixing material
- gauze
- compression.

  • medical apparatuses, surgical instruments, medical equipment, medical supplies
  • aids for wheelchair users, positioning beds, bandages, crutches, gynaecological mirrors, inhalers, injection needles

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