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  • paint mixing, interior paint sales, exterior paint sales, paint distribution, sales of water-resistant paints

  • loose building materials, solid construction materials, building material sale, walling, sand sale, gravel sale, sale of stone, brick sale

  • coating systems, jointing materials, flexible sealants, adhesive sealants, cleaning chemicals, penetration coatings

  • coating compounds, wood paints, wood varnishes, special paints, facade paints, concrete paints

Dry mortar mixtures, special mortars and plasters for masonry and concrete remediation - production and sale.
Consultancy in the selection of a suitable technical solution, custom production of mortar mixtures according to customer requirements.
Materials suitable for reconstruction of historical buildings, restoration of historical buildings and traditional facades.

Registered office: Vostrovská 783/53, 160 00 Praha 6.

Remediation of damp masonry:
- renderings and systems for damp masonry, anchors under restoration plaster, base and leveling restoration plaster, restoration core plasters, restoration plaster stucco, assembly mortar with very fast increase of strength and complementary products.

Concrete repair system:
- adhesive bridge and reinforcement protection, coarse-grained re-profiling mortar for wet spraying, screeds for surface finishing, coarse-grained re-profiling mortars thixotropic, leveling, accelerated strength and rapid setting, self-leveling screed for repairing concrete floors with accelerated strength increase, dry mix concentrate for the preparation of a mixture of wet and dry gunite, mortar for application by the method of wet gunite, mortar with moderate expansion, mixture for concrete replacement, 2-component flexible unifying cementodispersion paint, unifying cement-dispersion paint, acrylate penetration under paints and insulating screeds, hydrophobic protective paint for reinforced concrete, highlighter concrete structure with hydrophobic effect.

Lime plasters and mortars for restoration of monuments:
- Pure lime plaster, Pure lime core plaster, Lime molding mortar for stucco elements, Pure lime stucco, Pure lime glaze, Lime base and leveling restoration plaster, Lime restoration plaster, Lime stucco for restoration plaster, Quick setting mortar for casting stucco elements, closing lime lever

Mineral screeds, waterproofing materials:
- liquid waterproofing screed under tiles, crystalline insulating material, elastic tape, internal and external corners to elastic tape, flexible passages.

Self-leveling screeds and mixtures:
- self-leveling cement screeds - fine-grained, quick-setting, for heated floors

Special mortars:
- Roofing mortar, stucco for lightweight plaster, coarse-grained lightweight plaster, quick-setting universal mortar, pure mineral heat-insulating plaster with remediation ability, mortar for static injection of masonry, quick-setting pouring mortar.

Cement building adhesives
- Adhesive for aerated concrete, for contact thermal insulation systems and outdoor paving systems, quick-setting and flexible adhesive for tiling and paving systems

Jointing materials:
- jointing putty for wall and floor tiles, stone masonry

Mineral plasters, breeding facade, breezy

Concrete paints - coating systems:
- two-component epoxy coating, two-component epoxy primer / adhesive bridge, water-borne epoxy two-component coating, polyurethane two-component coating

Polypropylene fibers for mortars and concretes

Balcony system - technologies and materials for creating layers on balconies, loggias and terraces.

Complementary products:
- coatings, facade paints, penetration and hydrophobizing agents, grouting materials, reinforcers of mineral substrates, elastic tapes

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