Roman Jurik

You can use our assortment in the sectors of heating, water, gas, food, energy, chemistry and petrochemistry.

Service and installation of fittings.

Retail, wholesale, sale:
HAWLE fittings:
 - industrial fittings
 - pressure fittings
 - butterfly valves
 - ball valves
 - conical taps
 - air distribution valves
 - shut-off valves
 - venting and venting valves
 - control valves
 - check valves
 - solenoid valves ASCO
 - seat valves
 - safety valves
 - knife gate valves
 - gate valves with manual control
 - gate valves with electric servomotor
 - pneumatic actuators
 - electric drives
 - Position sensors
 - pneumatic systems
 - regulators and steam traps
 - pressure regulators
 - condensate traps
 - start-up dewatering automats
 - check valves
 - shut-off and throttle valves
 - earthmoving equipment
 - hatches
 - hydrants
 - watermarks, level gauges, flow indicators, filters, sight glasses
 - condensation, separation and sludge tanks
 - suction and inlet baskets.

Pumps Sigma, Wilo, Grundfos, Calpeda, KSB

 - Adjustment of safety and pressure relief valves
 - adjustment of fittings to any medium
 - adjustment and replacement of drives
 - Overhauls of valves
 - consultancy in the design of types and variants of the offered product.

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