Financni poradenstvi Prostejov
Jakub a Martin Slajsovi


Finanční poradci - hypotéky, finanční plány, prodej domu, bytu

  • advantageous property sales, property valuation, property offer, property demand
  • insurance mediation, insurance contract drafts, insurance contract concluding, administration of insurance
  • electronic auctions, assistance with executions, financial consultancy, list of bankrupt companies
  • financial products, saving for children, saving for retirement, building society account, life insurance, shares funds, mortgage loans
  • banking and finance, interest rates, mortgage loans, leasing companies, financial services


Martin Slajs - financni poradenstvi

Czech Companies:    

Bankruptcies, auctions and distraints


Financial counseling


Insurance agents


Mortgages, loans and leasing


Real estate brokers