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Jakub a Martin Slajsovi

We are specialists in finance, mortgages, investments, real estate and insurance. We will help with the processing of a mortgage or consumer loan, with financial plans and sale of house, apartment and land. We operate in the areas of Prostejov, Olomouc, Vyskov, Prerov, Kromeriz, Brno city, Brno countryside, Blansko and Boskovice.

We have been operating in the world of finance for many years, therefore we are able to help our clients to know a wide range of financial products and recommend them to fully meet their requirements.

We'll find out if your fuse covers your real needs. We compare the services of banks and insurance companies in our market, together we choose the most suitable products. We will advise you where to invest, save where you pay unnecessary fees, similar or overpriced products. We will point out possible risks and obstacles.

In what areas can we help you?
- increasing financial literacy
- creation and protection of reserves, creation of a suitable investment plan
- insurance - property, liability, vehicles, life risks, companies
- real estate - sale, lease, purchase, purchase at estimated prices
- housing finance
- dealing with seizures, the payment of houses and apartments seized in seizure

Get an objective assessment of your financial situation.


Martin Slajs - financni poradenstvi

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Financni poradenstvi Prostejov


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