Ing. Radek Vintr

Plandry 41, Jihlava 586 01
Company Ing. Radka Vintra RV DŘEVO - joinery and building timber from Jihlava specializes in building wood material and provides building, planed and joinery timber, OSB boards, firewood and other additional services throughout the Highlands.

If you have a construction company, or you are a carpenter, carpenter or just a DIY enthusiast, then RV DŘEVO is the right one for you.

The wide range of RV DŘEVO company includes:

Building timber, comprising:

- KVH prisms
- roof battens
- wooden battens
- BSH prisms
- planks
- prizmená boards
- wooden beams
- wooden palisades
- wooden posts
- planks for the terrace

Planed sawn timber, which includes:

- wooden pickets
- floorboards
- claddings
- facade decking
- logs
- decking
- Planed boards

Joinery timber, which includes:

- boards
- planks

Firewood comprising:

- saw cuts
- wood briquettes
- sawdust
- pellets
- chipped wood

In the next assortment we have:

- OSB boards
- plywood
- wood paint (wood stains, zero paints)
- preparations for impregnation

We also provide additional services, which include:

- transport of wood to your home or company
- impregnation of timber in impregnation tub
- wood cutting (adjustment to the required size)
- purchase of timber (logs and valuable trees)
- drying of sawn timber

We provide quality wood, which is suitable for building purposes (house, gazebo, roof), as well as for furniture, windows or doors. At the customer's request we are able to provide exotic pieces of wood. Our planed lumber is suitable for both facades and walls, ceilings or terraces.

In our company we are primarily looking for quality, so our wood is from forest owners who meet the PEFC certification. According to the customer's wish we are able to provide wood in commonly unavailable dimensions. We regularly prepare special offers for you and besides quality we also look for reasonable prices.

  • manufacture of joinery elements, construction timber, woodworking industry, boards and laths, sawmill production, wooden semi-finished products
  • liquid biofuels, solid biofuels, gaseous biofuels, biodiesel and biogas, motor biofuels, pyrolyzed gas, bioethanol and pellet biofuels
  • wood products and wood processing, cut log production, supply of wood half-products, wood grinding and filing
  • floorboards and boards, wooden building material, battens and planks, wooden cases, beams and squared timber
  • brown and black coal, coke and briquettes, solid fuel, wood logs and sawdust, chips and pellets

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