Kamenivo Zlin Rybniky
Igor Cejka

The company Kamenivo Zlín Rybníky specializes in the sale and transport of sand, gravel, aggregates (crushed, natural), soil and mulch, transport of loose materials and container transport in the locality Zlín, Otrokovice.

In our assortment you will find the following fractions of crushed aggregates:
- 0/32 and 0/63 suitable for subfill and backfill,
- 4/8, which is mainly used under garden paving,
- 8/16, 11/22, 32/63 and 16/32, used to compact roads and pavements.

Among the other goods we sell is mined natural aggregates in these fractions:
- 0/4 and 4/8 suitable especially for spreading around houses or gardens,
- 11/22 and 8/16, which are used for drainage,
- 0/32 suitable for concrete and sub-bases.

We also deal with the sale of gravel (0/32), which has its use mainly in concrete mixtures. The soil you buy from us can be used primarily for landscaping.

You can also buy decorative garden stone (22-90) for creating garden architecture.

Yellow sand bzenec (0/2) suitable for backfilling of cables or in mortar with us you can find also.

Mulch bark in bulk suitable for landscaping is also available for sale.

Container transport includes:
 - import and removal of building materials,
 - the possibility of placing a container,
 - transport of construction equipment, machinery.

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