Cairoo ocni optika

Cairoo is an optician for clients from the region of Uherské Hradiště. You can buy children's glasses, prescription or sports glasses of various brands Rudy Project, Polaroid, etc.
We provide eye examination and expert advice on the selection of glasses and contact lenses.

We offer a wide selection of quality glasses at affordable prices. Our qualified, friendly staff will be dedicated to you individually and will provide you with the best service thanks to our product expertise.

In our optics you will find the best service and services for your eyes and eyes.
We will be pleased to advise and provide you with a wide range of services:
 - selection of suitable prescription, children's, sunglasses, sports glasses
 - spectacle frames
 - application of contact lenses
 - sight measurement
 - ophthalmology - ophthalmologist services
 - detection of eye defects.

You can buy in our optics:
 - spectacle frames and branded glasses
 - spectacle lenses, glasses - 50% discount on all types of lenses, both distance and near (multifocal, bifocal, single vision)
 - contact lenses.

Eye and diopter measurement:
 - complete eye examination in the office completely free - 100m from the store
 - determination of the size of the defect by examination on an automatic instrument of the autorefractometer
 - testing the correct glasses by means of a test frame and test glasses
 - intraocular pressure examination with a contactless tonometer
 - eye background examination
 - discount on glasses (if your insurance company pays partially).

How to choose the right glasses? The easiest way to choose a suitable spectacle frame with us is to use your existing frame. But if you are choosing frames for the first time or are not satisfied with the shape of your existing frames, we have advice for you, as you can already choose from a plethora of models, shapes, colors and materials for frames.

Everything for the right choice of glasses:
 - a wide selection of spectacle frames brands Tommy Hilfiger, Polaroid, Rudy Project, Coco Song, La Matta, Guess, Moschino, Givenchy, Lamarca, Roberto Cavalli, Ferrari, Versage, D&G, Gucci, Ray Ban
 - according to the type of face we choose appropriate and suitable frames - frame with orbital, without orbital, semi-trim
 - choice of glasses according to face shape or existing glasses
 - Choosing contact and prescription contact lenses.

Contact lenses and eye solutions from BAUSCH & LOMB with one-day, monthly and quarterly replacement.
Types of contact lenses - Biotrue, PURE Vision 2HD, SofLens, Optima FW.
Types of solutions - Biotrue, ReNu Multiplus, Boston.

Spectacle frame materials:
 - Metal frames - are made of various metal mixtures, not suitable for allergy to metal, you can use titanium frame.
 - Titanium frame - suitable for allergy to metal frame.
 - Plastic frames - made of a mixture of plastic and plasticizers, are also suitable for allergy sufferers to metal frames.

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